What’s Graphics Relay?

Graphics Relayはグラフィックのスキルを伸ばしたいデザイナー・学生が運営しているサイトです。
興味のある方はtwitter:@Graphics Relayに連絡してください。

ちなみにこのサイトはpng a dayというサイトを見て面白そうだなと思い始めました。

Graphics Relay is a website which is managed by designer and students who wants to develop the graphic skills. This website becomes a place for freely uploaded artworks by each members now.
We invite public works of arts. If you are interested in this project, you contact with twitter:@Graphics Relay please.

By the way, I think “png a day” is interesting and I started Graphics Relay.
I try to work hard to close quality of png a day.